Ready. Fire. Aim

Ready. Fire. Aim.  THIS is my mantra through this entire process, as I need to remind myself that Rome was also not built in a day. I need to just put something on the page, then go back to fine tune it later. Just take one baby step, and another, and another. Adjusting as I go, rather than get it all perfect first, before I put it live on the web. One day, this will be a masterpiece.  Although, if experience in the studio has taught me anything, it’s that this too will NEVER feel done, and thus I must keep making my mark upon it.

Like the countless paintings in my creative sanctum with only a few layers on top of the canvas, this digital art form must too unfold and come alive through its many updates and changes, and additions and editing.

Breathe Erin, BREATHE.  Just keep on firing, adjusting your aim as you go. Creativity is an ever evolving energy that needs to flow, needs to change, needs to grow and become what it must.

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