Erin Leigh Headshot

A professional artist for over 20 years, Erin Leigh is a fine art painter, interior decorator, entrepreneur and art teacher in the Western MA area. She operates her art businesses out of her home and from her websites, . She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from The University of Connecticut.

Erin Leigh’s artistic development was influenced at an early age by the work of her aunt and grandmother, as well as the works of the masters. Reflections of her international travels, her study of Reiki and Native American Feng Shui, plus the art work of various Native American artisans, her college professors and many other artists of today can be seen throughout her work.

Artistically, Erin is best known, and has received many awards, for her vibrantly colored contemporary paintings exploring realism, impressionism and expressionism.  Recent works employ both abstract and expressive representational imagery, and incorporates sacred geometry along with her spiritual healing practice of Reiki. 

Her newest bodies of abstract work, titled Journey to One and Eclipse reflect an inner journey to complete balance and strength in mind body and soul.  The circle, as seen throughout these series, represents the whole person, in our perfect divine representation. 

Erin exhibits her work on-line, in local New England establishments and galleries and exhibits extensively in Connecticut and Massachusetts. Her work is in public and private collections throughout the US and England.

Free time finds Erin painting, running, practicing yoga, meditating, drawing and sketching, reading, playing in the dirt of her gardens, helping others beautify their homes or in any other creative process, project, craft or outlet. She lives in Hampden, MA with her husband and two former pound puppies.